I just bought a kit, now what?

Follow the link for a guide on how to make your own terrarium

How do I care for the plants?

All the plants that we use are succulents. They require indirect sunlight (facing a window indoors). Preferably they enjoy morning sun and a cooler afternoon. The aim is to not change the environment the terrarium is in too, this will make it harder for the plants to adjust and will not survive. 

To water these plants, use the included pipette in your order to apply water to the roots of the plants as much as possible. You want to avoid water sitting on the plants as this can lead to rotting. Water enough so the soil is moist but be careful to not over water it. Water again when you feel the soil is completely dry again. In hotter conditions, you can water once a fortnight, as for cooler conditions you can water even less. Be sure to use your own judgement, each terrarium is unique!

How long do these terrariums last for?

These terrariums are designed to last about a year before plants will get too big and need to be repotted. However, our terrariums will have open tops and therefore will encourage the growth of the plants without having to repot just yet.

How are these terrarium kits delivered?

Terrarium kits purchased via our Etsy shop will be delivered by our chosen courier.

Every care is taken to ensure this product arrives to you safe and soundly. This means we will wrap your terrarium in bubble wrap and any other materials needed and secure it in a fragile box with clear instructions for handling. If the product is not satisfactory upon arrival, do contact us and we will try our best to leave you satisfied with your terrarium.

For any commissions and events, the terrariums will be hand delivered.