Tools and Components

What will you expect in a workshop?



The vessels you are given are not our average handheld sized glasses included in DIY terrariums Kits.

Expect to see larger vessels you can use as a beautiful centre piece.


You will be given a variety of plants to choose from spiky cactii to smooth succulents.

Each attendee can choose up to 3 plants to fit into their vessels.

gallery 6.jpg



Our tools will help you to handle the plants, soil and other decorations. These include:

  • Wooden tongs to handle the plant if spiky

  • Shovels and spoons to scoop soil and decorative sand.

  • Tweezers for accurate decorators


These are the different types of decorations you can choose from:

  • Decorative sand

  • Variety of coloured rocks and pebbles

  • Preserved moss