About District Terrain


District Terrain was founded on the basis that there were no terrariums with real plants available in shops. After much discussion and trial and error, Huong and Yin started creating small terrariums for friends and family. The more therapeutic we found the process, the more we wanted to make!

We steadily got more and more customers before opening up our shop, selling ready made terrariums and DIY kits online and in markets.

Our terrariums are unique in the fact that only good quality glass vessels are used so you can see through it clearly. Our plants include a mixture of succulents and rather than closing the terrariums, we use open tops. This is to allow the water to escape and keep the environment perfect for these succulents.

Yin’s priority had moved to her family life and now Huong runs the shop online only selling DIY Kits and runs workshops for individuals wanting to know the process themselves.

We have found that customers had much more fun when creating the terrariums themselves particularly as gifts for others. It has meaning and dedication behind the unique terrariums and it is something we are making sure to continue.